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Clover SC Hsitory Plaque

History Of Clover SC

Our Communities History is about our town of Clover SC which was incorporated in 1887. The town of Clover was founded around a 5,000 gallon water tank. Water would spill out of the tank and "clover patches" grew and that is how Clover got it's name so they say. The water tank served the steam engines of the Chester and Lenoir Narrow Gauge Railroad. Clover became a booming textile community. The town has grown a lot. Today the population is over 6,000.

The First Church In The Town of Clover SC

The first church to establish in town of Clover SC was, Clover Presbyterian church, on Kings Mountain Street. It was established around 1881.  The church was a wood buildin and was replaced by a brick one in 1923.

Clover SC Presbyterian Church

The First Business

The start of the first business in town with some of it’s history was, Clover Cotton Manufacturing Company and was later renamed Clover Spinning Mill. The building was completed in 1898 and had hardwood floors. The value of the building in 1898 was $150,000. Beatty Smith was the first person to start the cotton mill. It was the first business to provide a payroll for people. Soon to follow was American Thread and Bowling Green Spinning Mill. 

A tornado hit around 1906 in Clover and the Clover Cotton Mill was heavily damaged in the image below.

Clover SC Cotton Mill

Coltex of Charlotte bought the building around 1977 and used one part of it as a warehouse for textile machinery, which they would sell textile machinery Internationally and the other part was Young Love Fabrics, Inc., a polyester fabric-producing company. In 1979 a fire broke out in the mill and caused severe damaged to the building. The damaged was estimated at $1.5 million dollars. About $1 million of the $1.5 million loss was in the machinery. The other part of the building which was Young Love Fabrics, was not damaged by the fire. A fire wall and large metal doors saved it from being destroyed. They believe it was a electrical malfunction that started the fire. There were 9 fire departments that battled the blaze. No employees were at work when the fire broke out. 

Clover SC History Fire 1979
Clover SC Spinning Mill


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