How To Choose The Best Website Hosting For Your Needs

In this article we are going to look at website hosting, I’m going take a little different spin on it.

In today’s world of Internet hosting your website is not like in the old days of the 1990s. There is so much we have to look into to find the best website hosting for your needs. I know there’s a lot of topics on this. You may think it is rocket science, but you can do this. In today’s world you can’t just build a website and forget about it. You have to make sure everything is updated on a regular basis for security purposes. You also got to have a hosting company that provides a good solid firewall for your website.

I know that when you look up how to choose the best web hosting or the best website hosting you get a list of the best web hosting companies out there. Now I’m not going to tell you who to choose because most of the sites out there that has a list of website hosting companies on their site are getting a kick back from the web hosting companies to sell their products. But we’re actually going to look at your needs for website and explain why it’s important for you to understand the different levels of website hosting and which one will actually meet your needs. so, this will give you a better understanding which website hosting company to choose.

I’m going to do my best to break it down to where you understand it.

I’m assuming this is your first website and you’re wanting to choose the best for your needs. More than likely you probably will not receive more than say 30,000 views a month. So, you won’t to choose one of the lower price packages that the web hosting company offers. Keep in mind that over time your site will need to upgrade to the next plan your hosting company offers.

There are many hosting plans to choose from. I’m go over that now

There are 4 basic Levels of hosting.

1. Shared Hosting
2. VPS Hosting
3. Cloud Hosting
4. Dedicated Hosting

Before we get into which one to choose, we need to look at all the packages each web hosting company may offer.

Shared Hosting OK most of the low-price website hosting is going to be on a shared hosting plan. This means that you are sharing your server with thousands to millions of other websites. By doing this the website hosting company can keep the prices low. In return for the low price your website will be slow Depending on how many people’s websites are on the server.

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server) is a virtual environment that mimics a dedicated server on a shared hosting plane. VPS Are a little bit more technical so you had to be careful when choosing this plan if you’re not very technical then I would stay away from these plans.

Cloud Hosting is spread out amongst of different physical machines. You’re basically creating one massive VPS that doesn’t allow for quite as much customization.

Dedicated Hosting is a remote server dedicated to your website that only you are on. Dedicated Hosting will be the most Expensive of all the hosting planes.

Now with you understanding the types of hosting planes let’s move on to the more in depth of each package in the hosting plane.

When looking for a first-time website hosting service you will need great hosting that provides speed at less than 2 Seconds, domain, SSL, and security. Most of these plans start around $3 a month. But you are limited to what services and speed that are provided by the hosting companies. Keep in mind that as your websites traffic grows sooner or later you will have to upgrade your services to meet the needs of the people visiting the website.

Here is something that most new hosting companies will not tell you. If a hosting company doesn’t have that many people hosting on their Shared hosting plane server, then your website will be faster with them Until their server is full and then your site will slow down because of the load that is on it. Just like when you buy a new computer it fast until you start filling up the hard drive then it gets really slow.

Let's break this down from website speed, domain, SSL, Email domain, and security:

OK Google and most search engines want your website to load under 2 seconds to be mobile friendly in the Internet world. Now this is a little bit harder to accomplish when you get to take into consideration the type of website for your needs.

I personally recommend WordPress with 50% of all websites using WordPress this makes this the ideal website builder. Yeah WordPress is a website builder believe it or not. Then you’ll need a theme to design your website with.

What Is A Website Theme?

Theme is how your website will look. Themes provides the look of the front-end styling of your WordPress website.

then there are plugins you need to use. And let’s not forget about images. All of this is going to slow your website down. is plain and simple. But for best results it’s a good idea to choose a theme that well be optimized for speed. But Unfortunately, from my experience the more bells and whistles the theme has the slower it is. But most themes will load under 4 seconds without anything on them. By time you add your images, videos and any Iframes to your website the slower your site becomes. Then you add plugins on top of all this and sometimes they are complications with the plugins that even slows your website down further.

What Is Website Or Page Speed?

Essentially refers to the time it takes a web page to download from its hosting server to display onto the requesting browser for you to look at.

Website optimization must load under 2 seconds for all Search engines and customers. If your site does not load under 2 seconds you are losing traffic. Most people will bounce right out of your sight if it does not. These are some of the things that as a website designer has to look at. No matter if you’re a newbie and this is your first website or your pro and been doing this for many years. This is one of the things you have to Considered when you’re looking for a hosting company. Some hosting companies that with a shared hosting plan maybe faster than other hosting companies. Keep in mind that I have seen a lot of people complain about their hosting company then take the trouble to switch to another one. This is one the reasons I’m writing this article is so that you will not have to switch to another hosting company when you need more speed for your site.

What plays a big part in slowing down your website?

1. Optimize Images
2. Renderblocking JS
3. Leverage Caching
4. Reduce Server Response Time

You can test your website with many free tools.

I personally do not believe that even a shared plan is better from one hosting company than from another. from my tests on 2 separate hosting companies I’ve found using a WordPress websites that come out of the box with nothing on these sites and they bother or slow and it always comes back to Reduce Server Response Time, renderblocking JS and leverage caching.

You can check out the test on my YouTube Channel.

What Is A Domain Name?

Most of you all know what a Domain is, but for those who don’t. It is the address to your website. When buying one for your new website try to buy it from a hosting company that sell their on domains. There are a lot of hosting that buy the domain from some ease. Most hosting companies will give you a free year for your domain when you buy your hosting from them. When its time to renewal your domain it will cost you about $14.99 a year there after. You can get this cheaper if you buy more then one year at a time. It is also best to just use the .com with the domain over going with one of the other ones.

What Is A SSL And Why Do I Need One?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol for encrypted data transmitted from your website to the Search engine. it tells the search engine that your site is safe. But not all hosting companies offer you a free SSL when buying a hosting plan. There are many types of SSL and you will need to choose one that best suits your needs. SSL usually starts at $74.99 per year for each website you own. Unfortunately, all the search engines require you to have an SSL for them to show your website as safe to browse. Some browsers will not show your site at all when you do not have it.

Why Do I need Email Domain and What Is It?

Email Domain is and email address that is tied with your website domain. And from my experience if you do not have one and let’s say you’re just using Gmail, then you may not receive your emails from your contact form on your website. This is an encrypted email that helps keeps you and your clients safe. Usually you can find email domain at about $4.99 a month.

Do you need Website Security or firewall?

Yes, do your very best to find a web hosting company that offers you a firewall or website security. This helps out with spam mare wire it helps in keeping your site from getting hacked. Although you may think that it may need to be more for an E Commerce site or if you are accepting credit cards on your site that you will need this. In today’s world with websites that are getting hacked left and right you may want to look at getting hosting with this option. There are a lot of website hosting companies out there that offers a good security firewall like a good CDN.

Choose A Good Content Management System

I would recommend that you use a good CMS on your PHP 7.0 or higher. WordPress is one of the best CMS out there with over 50% of all website using it. Just if you need to move your site to Another hosting provider.

Always own your own domain name.

Make sure you own your own domain this way you can redirect it or take it with you when you decide to move to another hosting provider. Never letter website developer or designer own your domain. They can choose to charge you an outrageous price to get your branded domain name back.

Make sure the web hosting has a good server reliability and up time.

now I know Uptown that’s not that big of a deal because most of the big hosting companies are going to have a really good track record without time. But you won’t a company that has good server machines that are not always breaking down causing you a headache because your site is constantly down.

It's best to choose a good CSM.

In today’s world even for small businesses it is actually best to just skip the shared hosting plan and go ahead and purchase a nice CSM plan is only an extra $50 a month. Your sites going to be a whole lot faster with a good CSM plane.

You will have to Decide on what type of website builder you want.

• WordPress
• Drupal
• GoDaddy Website Builder
• GoDaddy Manage WordPress
• Wix
• Shopifty
• Weebly
• Squarespace
• IPage Website Builder
• AT&T Website Builder
• Google Sites
• Blogger

There are so many to name, but these are just a few of the most Popular ones.

With so many website builders it’s hard to choose which one will be best for you. From my experience stay away from AT&T website builder, GoDaddy’s website builder, Weebly, Wix, SquareSpace, and Shoifty. Can’t say much for IPage never have used them. Google sites is very limited as is Blogger. Most of these website builders that I mentioned above stay away from them They do not resized properly on different screens, everything’s gets messed up with them. I do understand that you may be on a budget and may have to choose one of these for time being, but you will be very limited to what you can accomplish with this website Builder.

What are your hosting needs:

You will never find the right hosting without knowing what your needs are. You know, things like what type of website or you going to need from a blog to a photo portfolio for an art gallery type website a small business service website we’re nothing’s going to change. what type of hosting you will need for your website keep in mind that as your website grows then you will have to look at different hosting plans for your site and it would be great if you can choose one hosting company that will meet all your needs throughout the years with how it happened to migrate your website to another hosting company when you have 30 to 40 or even 100 pages on there with the risk of losing your info

How to Choose the best website hosting checklist:

1. What type of website are you building
2. What are your hosting needs
3. What Plugins will you need
4. Will you use a page building with WordPress
5. How much Bandwidth do you need
6. What type of Security Will you need
7. Where is your website Being hosted at
8. How big is the Hosting Company
9. Look at reviews from the hosting companies
10. How will you Handling Technical Issues
11. Does the Hosting have Quality Support
12. Estimate the amount of traffic you expect from your website
13. Try to think of all the things you would like for your website to do

Now that you have a good ideal what hosting is lets go over what will work for you.

Small website or business can start out with a shared hosting plan until you go over 30,000 views a month or have a lot of plugins on your site. As your website grows you will need to move to a faster plane. You can still stay on a shared host plane, but you will have buy more RAM for you plane. You can find hosting plans starting around $200 a year with everything you need for your website.

E-Commerce site or if you are taking credit cards on your site then you will need to host with a VPS or CDN. Most E Commerce sites or VPS in CDN needs will run you around $250 a year.

Watch out for unlimited hosting, make sure you know your limited or violating rule when choose this type of plane.

Personally, if I could do it all over again I think I would go with a dedicated server.

Please comment below let me know some of your experiences with hosting companies. If I missed anything, please feel free to comment it might make its way into this post. Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope you find this very educational on how to choose the right web hosting company.



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